What are the Advantages of Interactive Toys for Dogs?

Interactive toys for dogs have become very popular in the last few years. Dogs can actually take part in these games and challenge themselves to find goodies, wisely hidden in chambers or compartments, which can be used for hours of playing. Many of these toys are designed to be slobber and wobble resistant, so as to make them comfortable options for long hours of playing. Find out about some of the main advantages of Interactive Dog Toy.

Mental stimulation

Many of these toys allow placing treats inside them, so as to get dogs engaged with the toys for long hours to get access to the goodies. They use their nose and paws to access the eatables and develop the intelligence to use ingenious ways to get to the treats within the shortest possible time period. Thus, interactive toys are physically as well as mentally stimulating.

Encouraging physical activity

By keeping treats and other items loved by dogs within the toy, you can encourage them to play and get some physical activity. It is often that dogs tend to laze around and gain fat. Pets, like humans, can get slothful and develop a number of ailments. The scope of rewards in the form of the goodies of their choice can make them accustomed to be active. Once treats are accessed, the habit of activity is positively reinforced in the pets. You can find a wide range of interactive games to suit the activity and intelligence level of your canine friend.

Physical fitness

It helps that many interactive toys encourage unpredictable movements. As an owner, you can do the following:

  • Control undesirable and aggressive behavior
  • Keep your pet engaged for hours
  • Let it play indoors, and not bother about its activity sessions ruined by rain
  • Teach it to properly use nose and paws, and not bite the toy for access to treats
  • Improve its dexterity

Dogs tend to have a lot of energy, and it finds a release through interactive toys that make for great play. These are perfect for smaller or ageing dogs, and can keep them physically and mentally active.

Progressive difficulties

You can actually make your dog smarter with these games. Many of these have progressive difficulties, and you can step up as well as customize the challenges every time for your canine friend. You can give maximum workout to the brain of your pet.

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