How to take care of your dog\’s mental health?

Many people are surprised to discover that their dogs can suffer from dementia. These diseases usually appear when you don’t motivate your dog’s brain. But how to keep a dog’s brain motivated? Dog toys are a simple and effective option to keep your dog engaged in activities that make it curious. This curiosity activates the neurons in the brain and prevents it from suffering from dementia in the long run. In fact, some toys have lights and sounds that generate more curiosity in your pet. Interactive dog toys are usually a bit more expensive, but they catch your dog’s attention more easily. Whatever your strategy is, the important thing is to keep your dog doing what it does best: fetch. Hiding snacks around the house can be another excellent alternative to prevent dementia in your four-legged friend.

What causes dementia in dogs?

Take your dog’s favorite snack and rub it in various parts of your house. The idea is to impregnate those areas with the snack’s scent. Then watch how your dog acts when it smells the scent. The first thing it will do is search each area where its sense of smell detects the scent of its favorite snack. When dogs do this, they activate several areas of their brain such as memory and the area in charge of analyzing smells. When a dog goes many years without being subjected to new smells to discover, its brain atrophies and results in dementia. If there is nothing new to smell, your dog simply gets used to the same scents, and its brain does not develop new neurons. The trick is to give your dog the chance to perceive new smells every day.

A visit to the park is enough

It goes without saying that you are not going to impregnate your house with smells every day. And you don’t have to. A simple, quick, and fun way to give your dog new smells to discover is to go for a walk in the park. Every day, people, animals, and vehicles pass through the same area where you will walk with your dog. In the park, there are also smells of people and animals that your dog may find interesting. When you notice that your dog is using its sense of smell, don’t stop it. This process helps keep your dog’s mental health in optimal condition because you allow it to remember smells or memorize new scents. In addition to running and jumping, dogs need to use their sense of smell.

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