Check The Pros And Cons Of Front And Top-Load Washing Machines!


Typically, a washing machine from any known brand will last for years, but what matters is performance. If you are confused about buying top and front-load washing machines, we guide you on how to trouver la bonne laveuse. Check the pros and cons of both as listed below.

Basics of front-load washing machines

As the name suggests, front-load washing machines takes the laundry load from the front, and here are the benefits-

  • Front loading washers and washing machines are extremely energy efficient, more so when you are using warm water.
  • These are ideal for reducing detergent use because the drum is placed in a horizontal position.
  • In terms of water usage, front-load washing machines are much better and save as much as 50% water.
  • Most of the better models don’t make much sound, which is a boon for people living in apartments.
  • Spin speeds are also higher, and you will also find more cycle options.

On the flip side

  • Front loaders are much more expensive, in terms of upfront costs
  • The cycle time required for these washers is longer
  • Capacity might not be the best. Most of the front loaders are small machines, ideally for families of five or six people.

Basics of top-load washing machines

Top-load washing machines and washers have been in use for a while, and are known for many benefits, such as

  • Better capacity. You can find machines with capacity of 8kgs or more easily.
  • The cycle time is actually much faster. Some of the front loaders can take an hour, but in case of top load washers, cycles don’t typically exceed 30 minutes.
  • If you are using cold water, top load machines are more effective.
  • You can add and access clothes in the mid cycle.
  • This is also a great choice for people who cannot bend frequently to use a front-loading machine.
  • Top-load washing machines are inexpensive. There is something for every budget, which makes it an ideal choice for most homes.

On the flip side

  • You will use more water, energy and detergent with Top loaders
  • Also, these machines can produce lint, which can be a matter of concern
  • Top loaders are also louder, which can be irritating.

Check your requirements, brand capacity and other preferences before taking a load. A fully-automated washing machine is always better than a semi-automatic one. For the best deals and discounts, check some of the online stores.