Check if you Really Need an Ergonomic Chair before you Decide to Buy One

We sit on a chair for most of our activities because that’s what has been taught to us since childhood. Sitting on chair improves our posture and digestion. Also lying lazy on the bed all the time can make our spine crooked. However, when it is long hours in office, then it is necessary that we have comfortable chairs available.

We sit in office for more than 8 hours, which is more than we sleep and when we sit on a chair that isn’t comfortable for our posture then it causes pain in our back. That is why companies are paying attention in ergonomic office chairs from manufacturers to keep their employees at a comfort level, which helps them work hard for long hours. However, not all chairs are considered similar. There are varieties of ergonomic chairs that would suit you the best.

 Here are few things that you need to avoid while ordering for ergonomic chairs in bulk for your employees –

  • Always do your research about the chair before ordering it. Reading reviews can help and there may be people, who can give advice about the chairs that you’re looking for.
  • You can also take advice of a physiotherapist to know better about the chairs.
  • Once you know the type of chair to be ordered, then you must pay attention on color, weight, height and material. For example, quite large a chair is difficult to keep in a small cabin.
  • Whenever you order in bulk, ensure that you don’t compromise on quality over quantity discount.
  • When you get your chair delivered, the first thing that you need to do is understand the functionality of the levers attached to it. Initially, it is difficult to remember everything at one go, but gradually, you start adjusting the lever according to your comfort.
  • Maintain proper height and distance of chair to keep your head at right position while working. Too high or too low table can lead to neck pain, which goes down to spine.
  • Most importantly, always purchase from a store that are ready to provide good after sales service and a warranty on each product.

No matter how good your chair is. It is still advised not to sit continuously for hours at one position. This can spoil the alignment of your spine. Always move around or get up from your chair every half an hour to give some relaxation to your back.

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