A Variety of Swiss Army Knives to Fit Everyone’s Needs

The use of pocket knives is extremely popular. They have a variety of functions, and it all depends on how you use them. For instance, a farmer may use a pocket knife cut hay strings, while a stocker may use a pocket knife to cut open boxes and other packaging in order to stock the shelves of the store with necessary supplies. There are many different kinds of pocket knives. Pocket knives come in different sizes, shapes, and with different tools.

What is a Pocket Knife?
A pocket knife is a general term used to describe a type of knife that is designed to carry around in your pocket. It has a blade that safely folds into itself when not in use and flips or slides out when needed. Customers may choose pocket knives which are very small in size, large in size, or anywhere in between. The type of blades can be different, as well. The blade may be a smooth solid blade, or smooth at the front and serrated at the back or completely serrated. The type of blade chosen depends on what it is needed for. Some pocket knives have just a single blade that folds in and out while others are considered more of a multi-tool and have other tools that can fold in and out, such as a screwdriver. A Swiss Army knife is one such tool.

What is a Swiss Army knife?

The Swiss Army knife is a type of pocket knife that got its name from the World War II soldiers. It has many different useful tools that fold in and out when needed. There are many variations of this particular type of knife. The most tools any one Swiss Army knife offers is 33.

Both a large and a small blade are offered, depending on the size of the object is that needs cutting. The corkscrew is useful for wine bottles. The can opener is more of a survival tool, if you find yourself without a can opener. Two different size screwdrivers are available and are great options if you need a screwdriver and find yourself in a pinch. A bottle opener and a wire-stripper are also included. Other features can include a punch, keyring, fish scaler, and wood saw. Users also enjoy the convenience of tweezers, toothpick, scissors, ruler, nail file, hook disgorger, metal file, nail cleaner, metal saw, fine screwdriver, wood chisel, pliers, wire cutter and crimper, magnifying glass, ball point pen, and sewing eye.

Not every type of knife feature all of these tools. Some knives feature less. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of styles and colours to fit their needs and have them shipped right to their doorstep. If you are looking for a more personal touch, you can have them engraved, possibly with your name or a company name. With so many options, there is sure to be a knife to suit everyone’s purpose. If you have any questions, the friendly staff are happy to help.

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